Divisional Soil & Water Conservation Office


The Office of the Divisional Soil And Water Conservation Officer, SWKH Division, Mawkyrwat of Meghalaya is located in Laitlawsang, Mawkyrwatand is functioning from Old Civil Sub Division office Building. An image of the office is given below:


                                               District Soil & Water Conservation Office

Brief Details of the Office

Office Name Government of Meghalaya
Office of the Divisional Soil And Water Conservation Officer, SWKH Division
South West Khasi Hills District
Mawkyrwat – 793114
Location/ Address Laitlawsang, Mawkyrwat
South West Khasi Hills District
Officers Details Shri. O.T. Lyngwa, DS&WCO, otlyngwa [at]gmail[dot]com,
Shri. K. S. Pale, AS&WCO
Shri. E. Kharkrang, AS&WCO, enboklang [at]gmail[dot]com,
Regular Employees List
  1. Shri. K. S. Kharshiing, Junior Engineer
  2. Shri. L. Basaiawmoit, S&WCR
  3. Shri. M. C. Lyndem, S&WCR
  4. Shri P. Thongni, U.D. Assistant
  5. Shri. C. Lyngdoh, U.D. Assistant
  6. Shri. W. Wahlang, S&WCD (Sr)
  7. Shri. S. K. Wanniang, S&WCD (Sr)
  8. Smti. Saneta Maria L.Marshillong, L.D.Assistant
  9. Shri. Banshanbor Syiemlieh, S&WCD-Jr
  10. Shri. Genes Thongni, S&WCD-Jr
  11. Shri. Brally Wanniang, S&WCD-Jr
  12. Shri. Satarlin Langte, S&WCD-Jr
  13. Shri. Winderson Marwein, S&WCD-Jr
  14. Shri. Paul Clifford K.Jahrin, S&WCD-Jr
  15. Shri. James Peter Syiemlieh, S&WCD-Jr
  16. Shri. Aiarson D.Shira, P.T.O
  17. Shri. Kripesh Hajong, S&WCFW
  18. Shri. Constantine Langrin, Chowkidar
  19. Shri. Pascal Wahlang, Dak Runner
  20. Smti. Morasi Lyngkhoi, Dak Runner

Main Functions of the departments in brief

  1. Integrated Watershed Management
  2. Management of Jhum (Shifting Cultivation) through
  3. Alternative farming systems.
  4. Improving the productivity of Jhum areas
  5. Reclamation of wastelands
  6. Land Development – terracing, bunding and reclamation of cultivable land.
  7. Stream Bank Erosion Control of cultivated and cultivable lands
  8. Water Harvesting to harness rainwater and surface runoff for multipurpose uses
  9. Water Conservation and Distribution by impounding water of streams and rivulets and subsequently distributing it to developed land
  10. Afforestation of barren hillocks or degraded land by planting suitable tree species.
  11. Agro-forestry by growing tree species compatible with agricultural crops in agricultural land.
  12. Horticulture / Plantation Crops Development by growing of crops such as coffee, rubber, cashewnut, citrus, etc
  13. Reclamation / Revitalization of Traditional Water harvesting structures
  14. Training of farmers and other stakeholders
  15. Creating Environmental Awareness
  16. Educate rural communities on sustainable use of natural resources like land, soil and water


  1. 1st instalment of Umkynja AIBP & Upper Umrilang AIBP