Disaster Management

The State of Meghalaya being situated in Seismic Zone – V is highly vulnerable to earthquakes. During 1897 the state was severely affected by an 8.7 magnitude earthquake which resulted in untold miseries. The earthquake of 8.5 magnitude which occurred in 1950 also caused loss of human lives and properties. The State experiences several low to medium intensity earthquakes regularly. Apart from earthquakes, it is affected by a number of landslides, storms, flash floods, fire accidents, road accidents and other kinds of hazards. The Hazard Risk Vulnerability Analysis (HRVA) for South West Khasi Hills District will be done in coordination with North Eastern Space Applications Centre, Umiam by the Revenue & Disaster Management Department and State Disaster Management Authority,(SDMA)

To know more about Disaster Management of South West Khasi Hills District, Please download the Disaster Management Plan 2017 PDF ( 5 MB)
District Incident Response Team, South West Khasi Hills Mawkyrwat under Disaster Management Act 2005.PDF(811 kb)

Landslide: Tips & Saftey Instructions PDF(768 KB).

Flood: Tips & Saftey Instructions PDF(523 KB).

Flooding in Urban areas: Tips & Saftey Instructions PDF(492 KB).