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Celebration of International Womens Day on 8th March, 2014

The office of the District Social Welfare Officer, South West Khasi Hills District Mawkyrwat in collaboration with the office of the Deputy Commissioner South West Khasi Hills District Mawkyrwat celebrated the International Women’s Day on the 8th March 2014, at Maharam Government Secondary School Hall where Shri.N.Syiemiong Syiem of Maharam Syiemship grace the function as Special Guest.

At the outset, the District Social Welfare Officer, South West Khasi Hills Mawkyrwat welcome the invitees and the participants, who has attended the programmme from several villages including Seng Longkmie, Seng Samla MRW,CBRW , Anganwadi Workers ,Adolescent girls, on this day the District Social Welfare Officer has highlighted on the Celebration and the objective of the theme, “Inspiring Change” and why do we celebrate International Women’s Day followed by the presentation of topic on equal right equal opportunities for women and progress for all given by Shri.H.S.Diengdoh Additional Deputy Commissioner South West Khasi Hills Mawkyrwat .

Smti.Dr.Belinda Marwein Lecturer Sngap Syiem College Mawkyrwat spoke on the issue related to women, a day when women are recognised for their achievement without regard to social, cultural, economic or political, equal value and also stress on the encouraging advocacy for women advancement everywhere in everyday.

On this special day Ionglajong Social and Cultural Organization Club Mawlangwir presented a very remarkable Drama which has really reflected the celebration of the Day. Others dignitaries who spoke on the occasion include Miss.I.S Lyngdoh Mawphlang Public Prosecutor Mawkyrwat dealt with the protection of women from Domestic Violence Act and Smti.B.Hynniewta Assistant Public Prosecutor who stress on crime against women and children.

Shri.N.Syiemiong Syiem of Maharam Syiemship, and with his prescence he has raise the occasion a very happy and successful through his speech on encouraging women to come forward and fight for their right which has to deals along with different laws and procedure.

Smti.D.Syiemlieh President of Senglongkmie Mawkyrwat and also chairperson of the celebration has urged women of the society that International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made to call for change and to celebrate act of courage of determination by ordinary women who played an extraordinary in their homes and communities . Followed by vote of thanks given by Smti B.Wanniang Supervisor District Social Welfare Office.

Lunch and tea served to all invitees and participants.

International Day Celebration Against Drug Abuse on 26th June, 2013

The Office of The District Social Welfare Officer South West Khasi Hills, Mawkyrwat has organised the celebration of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on the 26th June 2013, in collaboration with Mawmyriong Sport Social Education & Rural Organisation ,Hep Memorial School And Voluntary Organisation ,Sakwang and the office of The Child Development Project Officer ICDS Project ,Mawkyrwat and Ranikor .The celebration was held at Sakwang Village in the Hall of the Hep Memorial School, Sakwang.

108 (One hundred and eight) have attended the celebration which consist of the Sordar, Rangbah Shnong, Church Leaders, Student and the Villager Of Sakwang, Pynden Sakwang Jakrem And Marshillong Villages. The Chief Guest during this celebration is Shri.Swingly K.Lyngdoh Myntri Shnong Sakwang and was chaired by Shri.I.P.Sohphoh, Secretary, Mawmyriong Sports Social Education & Rural Organisation and Hep Memorial School & Voluntary Organisation, Sakwang. After presentation bouquets, Smt .B. Passah, District Social Welfare Officer, South West Khasi Hills, Mawkyrwat gave an introductory speech about Drug Abuse, Illicit Trafficking and on the Theme of this celebration. i.e on “Global Action for Healthy Communities Without Drugs” and cordially welcomed all the participants.

Dr.F.R. Lartang, S.D.M.K.H.O, Mawkyrwat explained in detail how abuse of drugs is harmful physically and its resulting destructive effects of the social order. Different types of drugs, cause of drugs-abuse and preventive measures are specifically clarified and he urged to stop using addictive substance right from the start which will build up the future generation and society as a whole through eradication of generational drug-dependency. Next, Shri. Darius K. Jahrin, Chairman Presbyterian Church, Sakwang and Shri.Tonello Lyngdoh Chairman Catholic Church, Sakwang gave a short speech to exhort especially the student and the younger generation not to even go near or touch even the volatile solvent, tobacco, cigarette or any other substances leading to dependency and addiction and to help in rehabilitating alcoholics and drug addicts.

Smt. L. Giri, Counsellor Kripa, Foundation, Shillong defined “Drugs” as any substance that affect the person’s mind leading to behavioural change .She then pointed out the truths about drugs, The three types of drinkers, Rehabilitations and stressed that drugs-abuse is a sickness that needs care , treatment and acceptance by the society . A short skit was then performed by the student of Social Work Department, St. Edmund’s College highlighting on the Theme of this year’s celebration. A testimony was also given by a member of Kripa Foundations followed by a speech by the Chief Guest who urged all the participants to follow the golden rules, learnt during this programme which they can retrospect and be thankful in future. In conclusion, Smt. M. L. Shira, CDPO, ICDS, Project, Ranikor gave a vote of thanks to each and everyone present.

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