Block Development Office, Mawkyrwat C&RD Block


The office of the Block Development Officer, Mawkyrwat C&RD Block is located at Mawkyrwat, South West Khasi Hills District, Near Mawkyrwat Market area. The details of the office is furnished as under:

Block Development Officer's Details

Name: Shri Alertson Nongbri, MCS
Designation: Block Development Officer, Mawkyrwat
Email: alenongbri[at]yahoo[dot]com
Mobile: 8575743423

Regular Employees & Designation

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Shri. Tranley Kshiar Asst. Engineer
2 Shri. Sanderson Ryieng Junior Engineer
3 Shri. Charlie Rebok Syiemlieh Junior Engineer
4 Smti. Ivelis Kharlyngdoh Mukhya Sevika
5 Shri. H. Brassley Thabah Senior Gramsevak
6 Shri. Waibor Lyngkhoi Accountant
6 Shri. Charles Sun Sub-Inspector of Statistics
7 Smti. Naintimilian Shangdiar U.D.A.
8 Shri. Nerius Marwein L.D.A. cum Cashier
9 Shri. Boldenson Nongsiej L.D.A. cum Typist
10 Shri. Waterland Shylla Gramsevak Grade-I
11 Shri. Properly Wanniang Gramsevak
12 Shri. Wordstar Iawphniaw Gramsevak
13 Shri. Thrikly Lyngdoh Gramsevak
14 Shri. Francis Ramsiej Gramsevak
15 Shri. Victorius Marngar Gramsevak
16 Shri. Keding Snaitang Gramsevak
17 Shri. Phorland Wanniang Gramsevak
18 Shri. Tanderman Syiemlieh Gramsevak
19 Shri. R. Fortis Lyngdoh Tongkhar Gramsevak
20 Shri. Bhalang Wanniang Gramsevak
21 Shri. Shngainborlin Nongsiej Gramsevak
22 Shri. Precioustar Syiemlieh Gramsevak
23 Shri. Marshan Lyngdoh Gramsevak
24 Shri. Khrawkupar Kharsyiemlieh Gramsevak
25 Smt. Dina Marwein Gram Sevika
26 Smt. Dina Marwein Gram Sevika
27 Smt. Yolinda Marwein Gram Sevika
28 Smt. Diolis V. Marwein Gram Sevika
29 Smt. Mandalin Lyngdoh Gram Sevika
30 Shri. Kynsailyne Diengdoh Sectional Asst.
31 Shri. Leadersis L. Langrin Peon
32 Smti. Icyrial Syiemlieh Peon
33 Shri. Kingland Kharlyngiong Chowkidar
34 Shri. Skhemborlang Marwein Driver

Main Function of the office in Brief

The department concerns itself with the development within the Block by means of different schemes of the Central & State government such as MGNREGS, IAY, NSAP, MPLADS, NBA/SBM, SRWP, CRRP, CMSRDF, IACDP, DTFM etc.


Most of the villages are now connected by means of rural roads, footpaths, etc. availability of check dams, drinking wells etc. Most of the BPL families now live in pucca houses,, the construction and usage of toilers is now common in villages etc.

Photo Gallery from Block Development Office

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